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KBIS 2020: Discussing the Annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show with Designers, Architects, and AV Integrators

A fun chat about KBIS 2020, where tech made an appearance or was the centerpiece, and the type of connected kitchen and bath experiences and environments homeowners are looking for in 2020 and beyond. Guests talk about trends, what they saw at KBIS, and how they experienced the show through social media. Designers, architects, manufacturers, and the AV integration community, this is an episode you won't want to miss. Download, tune-in, listen, and learn! #avtweeps #kmbpodcasts @CEDIA @NKBA #connectingtandd #themoreyouknow @kbis2020 #ibs2020 #connectedkitchens #connectedbath #smarthome

Tech Talk: Hosts from the KBTalks, CEDIA Podcast, AV Trade Talk, and Connecting Tech + Design podcasts and a couple of AV integrators share tech shown at CEDIA Expo 2019 and trends they’re following

Special mashup show combining CEDIA Podcast hosts Ed Wenck and Walt Zerbe, KB Talks substitute-host Molly Switzer, AV Trade Talk and Connecting Tech + Design host Katye (McGregor) Bennett, with special guests integrators Joe Whitaker of Thoughtful Integrations and Gordon Van Zuiden of cyberManor talking connected homes, energy management, human centric lighting, security, AI, machine learning, and how it's all coming together in the modern home by way of tech integrators, interior designers, architects, and adjacent trades. Download, tune-in, and listen! #avtweeps #cediaexpo #kmbpodcasts @CEDIA @CEDIAExpo @KMBTalks @NKBA @ConnectingTandD @AVTradeTalk

Tech Talk: Tangram Interiors

Mark Coxon is not only a veteran of the AV industry but an approachable, knowledgeable, skilled salesperson with some great insights for AV integrators, designers, and architects to consider when selling tech or integrating it into their designs. Fantastic suggestions provided throughout the conversation, so bring a notepad and grab some great takeaways. Download, tune-in, and get your learn on!

What’s new @ CEDIA Expo and with Emerald expositions

It's been 2 years since Emerald Expositions acquired CEDIA Expo and much has changed or evolved, as Brian Pagel, Executive Vice President of Emerald Expositions discusses with Katye in this episode. From the Design + Connection pavilion and tour, to the Smart Stage sessions like TechBites and TechStarters, plus a convention center full of the most compelling residential tech you'll find, CEDIA Expo never disappoints. Download, tune-in, and listen, especially if you plan to attend CEDIA Expo or are considering it! #avtweeps #cediaexpo #kmbpodcasts @CEDIA @CEDIAExpo

Tech Talk: Getting Outdoor AV right

Instead of bridging the gap between design and technology Séura is focused on eliminating it, both indoors and out. In this episode Katye talks with Tony Blodgett, sales manager for Séura, about outdoor AV and how to optimize the entertainment experience. Tune-in and learn how Séura is working to find the perfect harmony of design and technology in every product and project so that every individual gets the most from every space they are in. Learn more about Séura here:

Tech Talk: How Southtown AV approaches tech integration (comm’l & residential) and what owner Heather Sidorowicz was eager to see during InfoComm19

Buffalo, NY-area's Southtown Audio Video approaches commercial & residential tech integration with a straight-forward, consultative approach. In this episode Katye talks with owner Heather Sidorowicz about this, what she recommends and what she was eager to see during InfoComm 2019, where this podcast was recorded. Heather also talks about her role on the CEDIA Board of Directors and offers some suggestions for women coming into or already part of the audio-visual industry (currently and historically very heavily male-dominated). Many thanks and huge hugs to Starin Marketing and Chris Neto for inviting us to be part of BASE CAMP, where indie podcasts like Connecting Tech + Design were provided a station to record episodes like this one.

Tech Talk: Listen Technologies Shares InfoComm19 Plans

Episode 6: Kim Spencer and Sam Nord of Listen Technologies share what's new in the Pro AV space and the attractions, venues, and hospitality markets and ways Listen Tech's offering has evolved to meet the needs of both facilities managers and guests, fans, and attendees. Sam and Kim also talk about Listen's recent product introductions and enhancements and what attendees of InfoComm 2019 can expect to see or experience in booth 6153.

Design Insights: A Designer’s Perspective on Smart Homes and Exceptional Experiences @ Home

Episode 4: Discussing Portland, OR interior designer Molly Switzer's recent smart Home projects and how she's working with tech integrators to achieve the client's vision as well as tech trends in the kitchen and bath and how that's now driving more whole-home focus for her as a designer.

Design Insights: Modern Modular, Integrating Tech into Contemporary Residential and Commercial Spaces

Episode 5: Discussion about modern modular design with Danny Forster, designer, television host, film and television producer, director, professor, and speaker.

KBIS 2019: Discussing the CEDIA Design Connection Panel, Show Highlights, and Emerging Trends

Episode 3: Guests: Ryan Herd, Joe Whitaker, Toni Sabatino, Molly Switzer, Robin Fisher, David Van Wert