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The next BIG opportunity: Smart shades & screens for indoor and outdoor enjoyment

May 26, 2020

People are spending time at home now more than ever and as they do, they're finding they want a better entertainment environment, they want to control light, and they want to take advantage of the outdoors — which can easily be accommodated with smart shades and projection screens made for indoor & outdoor use. SI shares ways integration and design pros are utilizing these products to provide clients with the solutions they need and the inspiration to do more down the road. With weekly training sessions being offered that provide everything one needs to know to succeed in these burgeoning categories and attendance topping 300+ a week, it's clear the integration and design communities want to lean-in and learn more. Download, tune-in, listen, and see what the buzz is all about! #avtweeps #kmbpodcasts @CEDIA @NKBA @HTACertified #connectingtandd #themoreyouknow #intelligenthomes #smarthome #interiordesign #smartshades #bigscreenexperience #connectingtechanddesign