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Tech Talk: How Southtown AV approaches tech integration (comm’l & residential) and what owner Heather Sidorowicz was eager to see during InfoComm19

June 18, 2019

Buffalo, NY-area's Southtown Audio Video approaches commercial & residential tech integration with a straight-forward, consultative approach. In this episode Katye talks with owner Heather Sidorowicz about this, what she recommends and what she was eager to see during InfoComm 2019, where this podcast was recorded. Heather also talks about her role on the CEDIA Board of Directors and offers some suggestions for women coming into or already part of the audio-visual industry (currently and historically very heavily male-dominated). Many thanks and huge hugs to Starin Marketing and Chris Neto for inviting us to be part of BASE CAMP, where indie podcasts like Connecting Tech + Design were provided a station to record episodes like this one.